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Welcome to Bourbon Hometown Realty, LLC

Located just off I-44 in the small town, country setting of Bourbon, MO.

63 Weise Parkway
Bourbon, MO 65441

Office: (573)668-0200
Fax: (573)668-0222
Sharon Coggins     (573)619-5859
Crystal Ray            (573)259-4753
Debbie Guerrette   (573)259-3936
Teri Padgitt            (314)640-5833
Chris Beadle          (573)368-9300
At Bourbon Hometown Realty we are as committed to our customers as we are to our family and friends.

We believe that ~ home is where the heart is ~ and we want, the home we help you find, to be the one you can put your heart into and live forever!

We also strive to keep our customers, and future customers alike, informed about the real estate business....we understand that there are many misconceptions and we'd like to take a moment to try to clear up some of the most common.

MYTH: I have to call the listing agent for the home I'm interested in seeing.

FACT: We can show you ANY property you are interested in....No matter which real estate agent or company has it listed, no matter whose real estate sign is in the yard.

MYTH: I cannot sell my home if it has gone into pre-foreclosure.

FACT: You CAN sell your home, even if it has gone into pre-foreclosure. Selling at this point could potentially preserve your credit rating, saving you the years of future stress you could face trying to buy another home with a foreclosure on your credit.

MYTH: Bigger real estate firms can get my home sold quicker than smaller ones.

FACT: We feel that a smaller firm has the ability to give your home more one on one attention; potentially selling your home quicker than the bigger firms. At Bourbon Hometown Realty we work one on one with our clients and we do not pass them along to another agent to process. We do the work ourselves making sure our listings go into the system quickly and efficiently. If we have buyers looking for a home similar to the one you are selling we will send the new listing to our buyers the same day we list it on the MLS....sometimes resulting in a very quick sale.

 MYTH:  I have to use an agent that is located in the same town as the home I want to buy or sell.

FACT: Not only do you NOT have to use an agent in the same town, you don't even have to use an agent in the same county. You do however want to use an agent that is familiar with the town and county you are buying or selling in. At Bourbon Hometown Realty we work locally to provide a service to our local areas. We work Crawford, Franklin and NW Washington counties. We keep our listing counties to a minimum so we can be available more often for our clients needs. If we were constantly running to Texas County or St. Louis County we would not be in the office very often for one on one with our clients.

For Our Buyers: We, here at Bourbon Hometown Realty, would be happy to show you any home, farm, lot, acreage or commercial property you are interested in seeing, whether it is listed with another agent or with us. Once you've found that "special home" or business, we will walk you through the entire process; from the initial offer - to the contract - to the closing. We will be with you every step of the way. Because to us, you are not "just another sale"....we intend to have your friendship forever.

For Our Sellers: We want you to know that we will actively market your home, farm, lot, acreage or commercial property by not only listing on the MLS, but also  listing on, our own personal website and over 100 syndicate websites as well as 5 local newspapers that go out weekly. Thus making sure your property gets the most exposure possible getting it sold as quickly as possible.

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